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At Inkbox we will assist you in marketing and building your business step by step, from your logo design to brochures, business cards, advertising, packaging and animation .Our diverse team of experienced animators and designers are passionate about understanding your vision and translating it into creative excellence. Whether you are a large corporate company looking to captivate the market with a new cutting edge and innovative approach at marketing or a small emerging business in need of a complete brand identity package - we have a passionate specialist, eager to meet your requirements.

The ability of a business to review and adapt to the constantly changing market place drastically improves the rate of business success, developing an agile brand that can be crafted and manipulated to meet your evolving needs is a crucial contributing element.

We believe that developing a close partnership with you will allow for the conception of the ultimate, dynamic exhibition your brand influence while building your marketing confidence and, ultimately, your success. These relationships excite and inspire us to deliver innovative, captivating and superior products that will exceed your expectations. We look forward to adding your company’s brand to our list of delighted and successful clients.


The Beauty of design is that it is boundless. When you combine cutting edge technology with passionate and insanely talented designers- the potential is infinite. Our team will transform anything you can conceptualise into an exquisite piece of functional art.


Breathe life into your Brand By animating elements of your brand you allow for the integration of depth and personality. Volumes of information can be communicated in short bursts of visually powerful, aesthetically pleasing scenery.


Create. Captivate. Communicate. Customised to suit the intended platform and audience -we dedicate ourselves to moving your brand toward success through visually powerful, High quality design. We offer a vast variety of options from an advertising perspective including just about anything else you can think of! (Our designers and animators love a challenge!)


Visual identity encompasses elements that remain constant and develop associations for our customers. The sum of these elements- will create effective symbolism for the brand and communicate a lasting impression of exactly who you are, and what you are good at.

Your brand is our business. The InkBox Team takes pride in every piece of work we do, we set high standards for ourselves and are always striving for absolute excellence.

We offer a massive variety of products at unbeatable prices. As a diverse and experienced team we understand how important it is to have a strong working relationship with you and prefer a one on one line of communication throughout the creative process so as to ensure consistency and an exceptional end result.
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